The Little Monsters Sports Club

Our Little Monsters club provides you and your little one with six fun packed sports sessions that are carefully crafted to support their early education.

Five reasons to become a little monster

  • We are really good at counting and using numbers

  • We make lots of new friends

  • We love running around and playing fun games

  • We are super confident

  • We help each other and work as a team


Each of our Little Monsters will learn to recognise and interact with numbers and number sequences through a series of fun games that will have them running, throwing, hopping, catching, kicking, laughing and counting

  • Week 1
  • Paw Patrol

  • Week 2
  • Sleeping Monsters

  • Week 3
  • Parachute Games

  • Week 4
  • Target Practise

  • Week 5
  • Superheros

  • Week 6
  • Football skills and Prize giving

    How does it work?

    Classes are one hour long and run for six consecutive weeks. You bring your child along, sit down and watch them have an amazing time running around, playing and learning.


    At the beginning of every session, your coach will give you a 'great job' sticker which you can give to your child whenever they do something that makes you proud....they love it when mummy and daddy are watching!


    We pride ourselves on providing young children with a stimulating learning experience. The majority of our activities are number based and we aim to help children to improve their counting skills and support their early learning.Our Little Monsters programme is an accredited learning destination with Childrens' University Scotland.

    Worksheets and Medals

    Each week children are provided with fun take-home activity sheets to practice their writing and numeracy skills; these include a variety of stencil, colour by number, counting and join the dot exercises. At the end of the six weeks we close with a special prize giving ceremony where each child is rewarded with a shiny new Little Monsters medal for all their hard work.

    Who is it for?

    These sessions are best suited for children aged 4-7 years old, although this age range is for guidance only and allowances can be made for slightly older or younger children.

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